Launching November 28th, 2022

Basic Skills for Navigating Moods

NM Certification for Coaches + Mentors

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What you'll learn

We are living through a historic period of what feels like unprecedented uncertainty. In moments like this, restrictive moods and emotions can trap us in interpretations of the world that limit our ability to see possibilities.

This certification program is an opportunity for you––and your clients––to learn how to navigate these moods and emotions.

What's included

  • 6 conferences directed by the Pluralistic Leadership Team
  • 8 sessions of exercises with coaches from Pluralistic Networks
  • 1 year of access to the course “Learning to Navigate Moods”
  • 2 licenses for Mood Navigator™ 
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Who it's for

We designed this program for coaches and consultants, in order to help them help their clients to develop the skills necessary for navigating moods.

This program increases the value of the offer(s) that coaches can make to their clients, and provides a tangible training framework that is immediately applicable to existing engagements. 

An international community

Complete your Mood Navigator (MN) certification and become part of a growing network of coaches already implementing our mood technology with their clients.


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The upcoming MN cohort kicks off November 28th, 2022.


Mood Navigator™

Mood Navigator is a sophisticated tool that allows you practice recognizing, reflecting upon, and cultivating moods. 

We've developed this tool specifically for Coaches and their Clients; our experience so far has demonstrated that Mood Navigator has helped people tremendously in their journey to navigate moods.

Marco Leone

Marco Leone · Master Coach (MCC – ICF)

Mood Navigator™ is the tool that coaches were missing for exercising emotional sensitivities [with their clients]"

"Mood Navigator™ delivers the kind of advice a good friend might give.

As a coach, it helps me to produce personal and high-impact judgments with my clients."

– Joe Bixon
Coach, Canada

photo of Joe Bixon

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A tradition of innovation in coaching

Many of the ideas that form the foundation of coaching today were originally conceived by Fernando Flores, PhD., (co-founder of Pluralistic) and have since been adopted by generations of coaches.

More about Fernando Flores' work –>

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Pluralistic is a certified Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Provider – that means completion of your NM certificate counts as 45 CCE accreditation hours towards achieving/renewing an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential. 


Area Hours
Core Competencies 21
Resource Development* 24

*Resource Development includes training formerly called Personal Development, Business Development, or Other Skills and Tools.

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Moods & Learning

Turning "I don't know" moments into learning opportunities 

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