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Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST)

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Working effectively in small teams can be difficult – but it doesn't have to be. 

(Re)introducing WEST, the most transformative team-building + digital upskilling experience for you and/or your team.

What is WEST?

The Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST) program is a remote learning experience designed for mid to senior level managers and their teams.
Unfortunately, training programs that actually help you to work successfully with others are few and far between. We know from experience that a typical team-building workshop seldom produces lasting improvement in skills or practices – but WEST is not your typical team-building workshop.

How it works


Virtual Learning

12 modules designed to be immediately applicable at work and in life


Guided Team Exercises

Live, instructor-facilitated experiences that leverage video games as a platform for practicing leadership and coordination

Plant growing

Individualized Coaching

1:1 sessions with our experienced coaches, coupled with Mood Navigator, our AI-driven mood tracking and reflection platform

What you'll learn

Over the course of 12 weeks, WEST participants can expect to boost productivity, expand communication, and cultivate trust in one another as they learn, practice, and play together. 

You'll begin cultivating the necessary skills for working effectively with others––the so-called 'soft' skills that great leader and team members always share, but unfortunately for us, were never taught in school. For example –>

  • How to be a good beginner; or in other words, learning to learn.
  • How to give and receive productive feedback.
  • How to build or repair trust with your clients and colleagues.
  • What makes a good/offer request, and how to make one.

Meet the creators of WEST

Gloria Flores is a longtime business consultant and author of the book “Learning to Learn and the Navigation of Moods: The Meta-Skill for the Acquisition of Skills”. She’s also the co-founder of Pluralistic Networks.

Dr. Fernando Flores is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and former politician whose research on business design spans decades, pioneering fields like language/action perspective, groupware, and management cybernetics.

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