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We live in a world of vast possibilities, although it doesn’t always seem that way. Often we fail to see the emerging (or disappearing) possibilities around us until it is too late. The Ambassador of Possibilities™ program teaches the skills and sensibilities required for successfully navigating the world that is emerging. We focus on how to reveal new possibilities for ourselves and others in the midst of all this change, and how to cultivate relationships in which others are eager to engage with our offers.

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Our promise

By reinterpreting what it means to generate action through making offers, this program empowers business leaders, executives, managers, and sales professionals. It enhances their well-being and effectiveness in bringing forth new possibilities within their organizations.

Skills and Sensibilities

An Ambassador of Possibilities is distinguished by a certain kind of sensibility—a sensibility for the emerging future and how this shows up as new possibilities for their clients and colleagues.

Ambassadors of Possibilities are the people with the capacity to generate action, close deals, and align teams to explore new horizons.

This program is ideal for: 

  • Business Leaders and Executives: Individuals in leadership roles who want to champion and foster transformation within their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business owners and startup founders seeking to enhance their ability to make compelling offers and secure partnerships. 
  • Sales Professionals: Those looking to transform their approach to selling and increase their effectiveness.
  • Project Managers: Those responsible for teams and projects, aiming to bring new practices to an organization. 
  • Customer Service Representatives: Professionals looking to improve their interactions and build stronger relationships with clients. 
  • Consultants and Advisors: Those offering expert advice and looking to increase their impact by opening new possibilities for their clients.

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Meet B. Scot Rousse, cohost of AoP

"B” holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Northwestern University, and has been working as a coach and course developer with Pluralistic Networks since 2014. He has published widely in philosophy, including recent scholarly articles on topics such as skill acquisition, human selfhood, and machine intelligence. As a teacher, B is committed to helping others focus on what matters to them, navigate upheaval, and develop conversational skills for taking better care of their relationships. B is also a lifelong drummer and has toured all over the world. 


What you'll learn

Learning these skills takes time and immersive practice, along with guided reflection and observation. Just like you can’t learn to play an instrument by memorizing an instruction book, these skills cannot be learned simply by following rules or by simply attending a workshop. The Ambassador of Possibilities program is designed to develop these skills over the course of about 5 months, with weekly practice and discussions.

The world unfolding with today’s technology is being disrupted from all sides. But, it is not only technological disruptions that are altering the shape of the future in unpredictable ways: persistent inflation, supply chain disruptions, the specter of another pandemic, climate change, geopolitical conflict, the diversification of production away from China, and the end of a boom in remote work all contribute to a sense of disorientation prevalent today.

Given all of this, people with the capacity to see and bring new possibilities to others will be the ones able to make more powerful offers in the decades ahead. 

  • 19-week program
  • Bi-Weekly conferences led by B. Scot Rousse, Ph.D and other senior members of PN's Team 
  • Bi-Weekly 90 min group video conferences with Delivery Team
  • Up to 3 one on one mentoring calls per participant

How it works


Virtual Learning

10 modules designed to be immediately applicable at work and in life


Guided Team Exercises

Bi-weekly sessions with a mentor in groups of 4 to 5 people

Plant growing

Individualized Coaching

Up to 3 one on one mentoring calls per participant

Meet the creator of AoP

Dr. Fernando Flores is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and former politician whose research on business design spans decades, pioneering fields like language/action perspective, groupware, and management cybernetics.


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