5 Skills for Successful Teams

Aug 17 Webinar with Gloria Flores 

In this free webinar, Gloria Flores talks about the five (often overlooked) skills that all successful, high-impact teams have in common––and what you can do to begin cultivating them in your team. 

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About us

Whether we’re at work, at play, or at home, we are unavoidably connected to people from all over the world. In organizations large and small, project teams are becoming increasingly virtual, made up of people in different places, from different cultural and professional backgrounds, and with different value systems. To flourish (let alone survive) in our new world requires that we develop the necessary skills for working well with others. Our mission is to help people and teams learn these skills.

To achieve this mission, we at Pluralistic Networks have developed (and continue to develop) a number of engaging, research-backed educational experiences that enable people to work better together to co-create the future they want to see.

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